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Are you frustrated trying to make heads and tails out of the popular marketing training online?

Feeling that the only way to start making money online is by buying a $2,500 training?

Or that you bought the training and you still have no idea at what to do?

Are you DYING to make that first commission, thats only a couple measly dollars... in the process of supporting someone else's business?

Is your brain telling you to give up at learning to be an online marketer, but your heart is telling you to give it one more chance?

Are you looking for support that other programs just don't provide? Other people who are the same caliber of you: diehard individuals who want to help you as much as you want to help them?

Here is the truth: You can go to any platform and learn marketing. Go to YouTube, Google, or any social media app and type in marketing - you will find so much information that you won't know what to do with it!

And it is all free! Countless hours of free marketing content. Tutorials, diagrams, pre-made templates - you can find it all for free online.

But just because the content is free, doesn't mean it will help you generate sales. How do I know?

Because if your training was successful, you wouldn't be here right now! You are so mixed in all of the information and plans that you've been trying, that you are spinning your wheels trying to find the next best thing. The next secret. The next shortcut.

What you need is a thorough plan - one aligned with your values - one with an entire community that will assist you when you need help, and celebrate your wins.

Just imagine...

Imagine if you had a clear guide that was designed to teach you how to be a digital marketer and not nickle and dime you for necessary information.

Imagine being so obsessed with a course and having the benefit of selling it for 100% profit!

Image no monthly fees ever!

Imagine being able to sell your own products! Even your own physical products!

Imagine making 100% of the profit from 100% of your effort!

Imagine not feeling sick and tired anymore of getting no answers or clear direction.

Take a Look at What this Program Includes!

Module 1: Intro to Digital Marketing! - $250 Value

Here you're introduced to the core concepts of business and digital marketing. Participants will acquire knowledge on essential business, management, and strategic principles, and learn how to implement these concepts in digital marketing or any other business field.

Module 2: Build Your Own Brand and Unique Sales Process - $300 Value

In this course, you'll learn to develop a branded sales funnel that adeptly turns prospects into customers. You'll master the art of creating an appealing brand identity, designing landing pages that capture leads, devising persuasive email campaigns, and producing sales pages with impressive conversion rates.

Module 3: Email Marketing - Beginner to Advanced! - $300 Value

In this course, you'll concentrate on the fundamentals and proven strategies of email marketing. You'll learn to craft impactful email campaigns that captivate and convert your subscribers. Delve into subjects like email design, list segmentation, automation, personalization, and analytics, while enhancing your practical skills through hands-on projects and real-world case studies.

Module 4: Expanding Your Own Brand - $600 Value

In this course, you'll be guided through the process of creating and executing a robust brand strategy for your business. You'll gain an understanding of branding essentials, such as crafting a distinct brand identity, establishing a brand voice and character, and fostering a solid brand reputation. Additionally, you'll examine techniques for brand positioning, messaging, and differentiation, and discover how to effectively convey your brand across various channels and touchpoints.

Module 5: Necessary Business Tools - $300 Value

This course aims to familiarize you with an array of tools and technologies that enable businesses to function with greater efficiency and effectiveness. You will delve into various business tools, such as project management software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, financial management software, and marketing automation platforms.

Module 6: Social Media Content Strategy - $450 Value

In this course, you'll learn to create and implement a well-rounded content strategy. You'll discover how to identify your target audience, produce captivating content that appeals to them, and share that content across diverse channels and platforms. Additionally, you'll delve into methods for assessing your content's effectiveness and utilizing data to refine your strategy.

Module 7: Blogging and SEO - $250 Value

You'll learn to craft and fine-tune blog content that achieves high search engine rankings and draws visitors to your website. You'll investigate subjects such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content promotion.

Module 8: Necessary Marketing Platforms - $450 Value

In this course, you'll learn to harness the power of various social media platforms to successfully promote your business. You'll master the art of crafting engaging content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. Additionally, you'll delve into techniques for growing your following, boosting engagement, and directing traffic to your website.

All-Access to Community - Value = $100/month

This course includes a complimentary supportive community where you can interact with fellow students, gaining extra assistance and guidance from both instructors and peers. The community serves as a platform for you to pose questions, report on your progress, and collaborate with others participating in the course. Instructors and mentors are on hand to supply feedback, address inquiries, and recommend additional resources and direction.

$3000 VALUE!!

for only $497


Shonda M

As someone who turned 56 this year, with no experience in Marketing, I am so grateful to be brought to this amazing program, that not only taught me step by step how to set everything up and helped me understand how it works. But the amazing community that has becomes such a big part of my life. I was truly blown away that I made a sell my second day and the 3 more in 2 weeks then the more in another 3 weeks. I honestly was giving myself about a year to even make my first sell.

Thank you Hanna and Zack for creating something so special and amazing.

Courtney K

I have tried everything under the sun to make money from home and I feel extremely blessed to have found this program. Within one month I was able to just work from home and not live paycheck to paycheck while my husband is away for the next 3 months. Now I am making more money than he does AND I get the most rewarding feeling when I hear how much I have helped someone else. For this program, I am so grateful!


I've been an entrepreneur now for 8 years working 100% online. 6+ years ago I was creating courses from scratch and teaching myself how to create sales pages, etc (only to now realize after being in this course that I was doing a lot of it all wrong lol). When I say that I wish I had this Digital Marketing Course with Master Resell Rights 8 years ago, I really mean it. This is GOLD! I'm just so grateful that I have it now. I made 4 figures in my first week of launching this & waking up to payment notifications is now a new norm for me! But honestly the best part is that I feel genuinely excited in my business again.

Kadi G

I started out on my journey with affiliate marketing. I quickly learned that I just did not have any interest only make a percentage of the commission. I seen this training on social media and realized that this would be the perfect training for me. I have grown so much within just the past month. I can attest that Roadmap to Riches has one of the best community and learning strategies for you to succeed!

Sara C

There are really not many opportunities in life to be able to jump on something early and really pave the way for it. I am forever grateful I came across this when I did and am able to be a part of us who tell the masses about our offer. It truly is one of a kind, there is absolutely nothing out there like this - and I suspect others will be copying our exact business model. I just know it is going to blow up on social media similar to how Affiliate Marketing did a few years ago. This has truly changed my life in such a short amount of time. I am one sale away from $3,000. I had my first sale on April 12th, and have made almost 3k in 9 days. I have had at least 1 sale per day. I never thought this would happen to me and it truly gave me hope for the online space again. I just can't say enough about this. The value is absolutely tremendous and again, I am forever grateful for it. Im so happy I am able to actually help people, 10000000% stand behind what I do, and fully believe in what I do and believe that I am actually helping people - not just sending them to a sales funnel. I think this is also part of why I have found such success. Instead of telling people "Go click my link in my bio", I build connections with them and genuinely help them. I love all of ya!!

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